Candles of Remembrance

Held in December, an open invitation welcomes people to a candle lighting ceremony to honor the lives of loved ones lost while sharing the warmth of family and friends. Following the outdoor candle lighting ceremony and names read aloud, guests are invited indoors for a viewing of the Tribute Book. This event brings comfort and peace each year to many who may have been struggling with the challenges of a winter holiday season without a loved one. Merrimack Valley Hospice and York Hospital Hospice welcome the community to gather with this special tradition.

Virtual copies of our Candles of Remembrance tribute books are now available online. To view the Merrimack Valley Hospice Memorial Tribute Book, click here, or to view the York Hospital Hospice Memorial Tribute Book, click here.

haverhill candles

Haverhill Candles of Remembrance

York Remembrance Wreath