Diversity Equity & Inclusion Family Origin Project

We value and celebrate the diversity that makes our community stronger.

As part of our commitment to more fully understanding each other’s perspectives while broadening our own, the Tufts Medicine Care at Home Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council is proud to introduce our Origins project. Recognizing that we are united in providing excellent, compassionate care for our patients and their families, we embrace diverse cultures, family traditions and the uniqueness that every one of us brings to our work.

We welcome all staff to take this opportunity to join in celebrating the cultural diversity of our colleagues. In doing so, we expect we will discover much more that we have in common than anything that could separate us.

We invite you to share the location of your family’s origin by clicking the blue plus button on the map below. On the next screen, you can search your location in the search bar, or click on the map to set a marker.

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