Subsidized Care

The Impact of Subsidized Care – Closing the Gap

Nearing end of life comes with many challenges, but the ability to receive needed hospice services should not be one of them. Insurance covers hospice care, however if someone is uninsured or is between coverage status, there is a gap between the need for services and the ability to pay for them. For these people, Merrimack Valley Hospice can provide the specialized medical care they need through the compassion of others who want to ensure that the hospice experience of providing comfort, dignity and support at the end of life is available to all.

When needs become complex or pain and other symptoms need advanced medical management only available in an inpatient facility, High Pointe House offers a unique, home-like place to address those specific needs. Other times patients may live alone without family support or someone to assist with caregiving, or they may not have a home to receive care in. High Pointe House welcomes these patients who truly have no other place to turn and provides them with comfort and quality care during their final weeks or days.

We hope you will join in continuing A Compassionate Journey, to help provide care to those who are in need at this important time in life.

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A Special Project to Ensure Dignity and Respect for All
A very special challenge is underway in support of subsidized care. Read about the Lillian P. Margolis Charitable Care Fund and how one man’s trek will help others to finish their personal journey in life with comfort and dignity.
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