Celebrating our partners during National Hospital and National Nursing Home Week


Congratulations to our hospital and nursing home partners during National Hospital and National Nursing Home week!  Each year the second full week in May is designated as a time to honor the many hard working hospital and nursing home employees in our nation.   From physicians and nurses to administrators and volunteers, they make miracles happen, both large and small, and support the health of our communities through their dedication, commitment and compassion.

The agencies of the Home Health Foundation have a deep appreciation of the role these institutions and their employees play in the well being of our community and are proud to join them in celebrating this special week.  Together, we partner on the care of thousands of patients every day, striving to help young and old manage their health, recuperate from illness or transition toward end of life.   Our newly released Annual Report details many of these partners and highlights the ways we work together to further advance our commitment to patients and families in our region.

You can view a copy of the report on-line here.  You can also request a copy by calling 978-552-4188.




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