July is National “Sandwich Generation” Month


As people get older and begin to lose their independence many will turn to their adult children for help and support. Yet for adult children already caring for children of their own, this new role of caregiver can be a difficult one to assume. It’s no wonder this group of people is known as the “Sandwich Generation” as they are literally ‘sandwiched’ between the pressures of raising a family, holding down a job and managing their parents growing social, medical and financial needs.

If you are juggling these multiple responsibilities, organization is critical. The key is to plan ahead. Start by gathering a list of important phone numbers such as doctors, pharmacy and lawyer. Make sure you have access to important legal documents such as power of attorney, will, health care directive, insurance and ID cards. Keep an accurate list of medications, including dose, and frequency. You can also:

  • Contact your local senior services, such as Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, for financial and medical planning
  • Have Social Security checks, pension and other income direct deposited into a joint checking or savings account
  • De-clutter the house especially stairs and walkways to prevent falls
  • Consider a personal emergency response system
  • Hire private care services through a reputable agency such as HomeCare, Inc.

Private care services such as personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders and more can greatly ease the burden of caregiving and reduce the stress associated with being part of the sandwich generation. The burden of caregiving is a large one, but with help it can also bring great joy and satisfaction to you and your aging parent.

More information on private care services is available in the HomeCare, Inc. link on this website or call 800-333-4799.

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