Lessons from Track and Field


Watching a group of high school athletes practice for a track and field relay race, it’s fascinating to observe their focused attention as they pass the baton from one member of the team to the next while maintaining considerable running speed. Each athlete has a defined role in either passing or receiving the baton, yet they work together to complete a successful handoff. They clearly understand and leverage the value of teamwork.

What does track and field have to do with Home Health Foundation? Like the relay runners, our nurses, therapists, counselors and aides provide complex medical treatments and support, totally focused on the needs of each patient in their care. And, although there are many different roles within our organization, we work together as a team, maximizing our clinical expertise to help patients heal and recover, or transition to comfort measures when needs are more advanced. It’s teamwork that sets us apart, strengthening our ability to provide exceptional patient care.

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