MYOMO: New therapy for stroke rehabilitation


In our last newspaper column ad, Dominic, our fictional patient who has right arm weakness from a recent stroke, uses new technology called MYOMO (short for My Own Motion). MYOMO is a neuro-robotic brace that fits like a sleeve on a person’s arm. Along with regular, routine physical and occupational therapy at home, MYOMO can help a stroke survivor begin using a weak or partially paralyzed arm for daily tasks that were not possible before, helping them to return to independence. The arm brace has sensors that sit on the skin’s surface and can detect even a very faint muscle signal. When a person with a weak or partially paralyzed arm tries to move their arm and a muscle signal fires, the robotics in MYOMO engage to assist in completing the desired movement thereby re-teaching arm movement. After several therapy sessions using MYOMO, patients have increased arm movement, muscle tone and arm mobility.

MYOMO has been clinically proven to aid a broad range of stroke survivors. Even those who had a stroke 20 years ago can benefit as long as a faint muscle signal remains. And, using MYOMO allows patients to participate in their rehabilitation in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

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