Choosing the best option for physical therapy at home


During the month of October, National Physical Therapy Month, we recognize the dedicated and committed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants at Home Health VNA.  These highly skilled professionals use their unique talent and experience to help patients restore, regain and maintain overall health and fitness or return to independence at home.  Our physical therapy staff teaches patients about their condition, symptoms and the different exercises to do at home, between visits, to help them strengthen and stretch muscles to restore function and alleviate pain.  And, they provide empathy, support and encouragement during, what can sometimes be, the longest part of their treatment regimen.

Physical therapy can help patients recuperate after knee, hip or other surgery, alleviate pain from chronic conditions like arthritis and recover from an illness or injury.  The personalized care patients receive at home can actually enhance the progress of healing.  Because patients are able to perform exercises and receive targeted therapy in the stress-free environment of their own home, with one-on-one attention, sessions can be more focused and intensive.  With fewer distractions, patients can concentrate on learning the techniques they will need to practice each day to ensure progress and healing. Physical therapy can also help patients stay flexible and fit as they age, maintaining health and preventing injuries from happening in the first place.

If your doctor or hospital discharge planner recommends home physical therapy, remember to ask for Home Health VNA – your best option for physical therapy at home.

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