The Season of Transitions


September signals a change in season as summer’s heat and humidity give way to cooler temperatures and dwindling daylight. It’s also a time of transitions, when vacation ends, school begins and the responsibilities of work and home return to a familiar routine. At Home Health VNA, transitions don’t just happen in September. They are a critical component of the care we provide 365 days a year.

When discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility, many patients believe that the toughest part of their recuperation is behind them. However, in reality, this transition home marks the beginning of an important stage in healing – one that involves skill, expertise, and care coordination. At Home Health VNA, we understand the ongoing challenges of recuperation. That’s why we work collaboratively with hospitals and other facilities throughout the region and begin planning your care at home well before you are discharged to home. And, using the most advanced treatments and innovative teaching methods, we’ll closely monitor your progress to help you achieve and maintain improved health.

For 120 years your home has been the center of our caring. It’s the place we proudly bring our expertise and medical talent each and every day. You can be confident that, if you need in-home nursing or rehabilitation, we’ll be at your door ready to meet all of your recovery needs. Ask for us by name.

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