York Hospital Hospice Remembrance Wreath


Every year the Village of York becomes a wonderful display of holiday lights. For some, the lights signify the start of the holiday season and festivities shared with those we love. For others, the lights may evoke memories of family or friends who are no longer with us to gather in celebration.

As part of the village’s holiday tradition, York Hospital Hospice will display a special Remembrance Wreath. The wreath, without a beginning or end, represents life stories that continue on in the memory of those who cherish them. Decorated with white lights, the wreath symbolizes that memories of loved ones endure and burn brightly, bringing joy and comfort to all who remember.

Beginning on December 7th, the Remembrance Wreath will be displayed outside the office of York Hospital Hospice at 127 Long Sands Rd. in York. The wreath will remain bright during the holiday season with your support, as will the memories you honor and cherish.

A virtual copy of our 2018 Remembrance Wreath tribute book is now available online. To view the 2018 Remembrance Wreath tribute book, or any of our past Tribute Books, click here.

Donations of any amount help support hospice care. A gift of $25.00 or more in someone’s name will be included in this year’s Tribute Book.

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For more information about this event, please contact Erin Masterson at (978) 552-4188 or emasterson@homehealthfoundation.org.

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